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Basic Sunform Kit

All students need a solid early literacy foundation in order to meet the rigorous demands of the Common Core/Next Generation standards. High quality pre-K programs have been shown in research to produce substantial long-term benefits for all students (NIEER, 2013), and they are especially beneficial for low-income children (Education Commission of the States, 2014). But many educators worry that the early childhood curriculum has become too academic, and that children don’t spend enough time in developmental play and discovery-based learning.

Sunform’s research-proven, neurologically integrated approach to beginning literacy solves this conundrum by enabling students to rapidly master all of the short vowel and consonant letter sounds and shapes – now a prerequisite for kindergarten entry in many states — without sacrificing time for the other essential elements of the pre-K curriculum! Now you can prepare all of your Pre-K students for school success! With just 15-20 minutes of daily Sunform instruction, your students will:

  • Achieve automaticity with all of the letter sounds in just 2-3 weeks
  • Achieve automaticity with all of the letter shapes after one month
  • Begin blending all of the letter sounds/shapes after three months

Download our new Sunform Pre-K & RtI flyer 2014, and watch Sunform  in action in the preschool classroom in the video below that is also described in this Sunform CPS preschool CaseStudy 2014. You can watch a video of 4 year olds from the Chicago Public Schools study decoding, mid-year, following a semester of daily Sunform lessons.