Core Sunform Benefits

Superior Literacy Outcomes
  • Students rapidly acquire the consonant and short vowel sounds, and letter formations,  to automaticity, preparing them to meet the more new K-2 ELA standards.
  • Scripted lessons guide every teacher to pronounce sounds and teach motor movements for writing with fidelity and consistency, with no prep time.
  • Provides the foundation for any core literacy curriculum and only takes 15-20 minutes per day to deliver.
Meets Wide Range of Student Needs
  • Target Audience – Sunform is introduced in pre-K, mastered in first grade, and reinforced in second grade in preparation for cursive writing in the third grade.
  • Broad Educational Settings – Although a pre-K-3 program, students using Sunform range in chronological age from four years old to college, from low intellectual functioning to academically gifted and talented, from regular education classrooms to preschools, Title I, ESL, and Special Education settings, including LD Resource and Inclusion.
  • Diverse Populations – Sunform is used successfully across cultural and socio-economic levels, which range from rural areas to suburbs and inner city schools.
Cost Effective
  • Productivity – Sunform, which targets and eradicates certain reading and writing problems, such as letter reversals, gives school districts the opportunity to redirect and reallocate financial resources enabling them to focus on other issues.
  • High Quality and Durable – Sunform has never replaced a single kit due to wear during the 18 years of use in 2,000 educational settings!
  • In-Service Training – Sunform in Action is a demonstration teaching DVD showing actual classroom instruction of all five phases of Sunform. This informative resource is exciting to watch in its entirely as it unveils students learning to read and write before your very eyes. Conveniently digitized, this video (included with the kit) allows teachers to concentrate on each phase of day-to-day instruction.
  • The Bottom Line – To date, with a minimum durability of approximately 18 years, Sunform costs less than $3.00 per student to teach beginning reading/writing/spelling.