Response to Intervention (RtI)

Tier 2 & 3 RtI

Sunform can be used as a fast acting, easy-to-implement support for primary age students who need Tiered literacy support. Each Sunform lesson is:

  • written verbatim on the back of each letter device
  • formatted for consistency
  • organized into manageable 20 minute sessions
  • organized according to the review and add process
  • designed for at-a-glance diagnosis/remediation of letter sounds and formations
  • effective with individual students, small groups or whole class

Research-based results prove students:

  • master consonant and short vowel sound-symbol correspondence in about ten 20-minute sessions
  • blend sounds into words using Sunform’s pictures, clues and letters and read in the first quarter
  • form directionally correct (few reversals) integrated (closed) legible letters
  • master mechanics of writing, freely expressing ideas with high productivity and automaticity
  • spell words according to Sunform’s progressive motor plan