Sunform’s unique letter pictures transform abstract non-phonetic alphabetic symbols into phonetic letter:sounds that are meaningful and readily understandable to students. Knowing the alphabet with automaticity is the foundation for Beginning Reading, Writing, and Spelling! The Sunform process teaches:

  • letter sounds from picture names (not letter names)
  • legibility from picture letter shapes
  • letters  in a logical motor plan-based sequence — not alphabetical order

Sunform’s neurologically-integrated method makes the English alphabet the THIRD PHONETIC ALPHABET in the world after Spanish and Finnish!

The Missing Link in Literacy

The letters in our English alphabet are totally abstract. Each letter has been arbitrarily given a name, a sound, and a shape. Learning this information requires rote memorization

For Example:

The letter name for “C” is pronounced “see”.

Its sound is |k|.

It must be formed like this:

ABC Letter Sounds, Alphabet Letter Sounds, Phonetic Alphabet Sounds

Similarities between letter sounds, especially short vowels and shapes such as b and d, continuously confuse students and interfere with the literacy process.


Our Solution

The Sunform Alphabet System has been specifically designed to transform abstract symbols into meaningful letters.

1 Step

  • Turn the letter into a picture of an object.
  • The name of the object begins with the same sound of that of the letter, stimulating recall of the letter sound.

2 Step

  • The letter shape contains a visual image which stimulates motor movements for writing.

In other words:

  • The object’s beginning sound and shape must be identical to the letter sound and letter shape.
  • As students draw the picture, they form the letter!


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