Sunform’s innovative, brain-based approach to beginning reading and writing enables every Pre-K-2 student to rapidly assimilate letter pictures, sounds and shapes, establishing the foundation necessary for literacy success!
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Sunform Alphabet System and the Common Core State Standards

Sunform teaches children phonemic awareness, letter sounds (versus letter name sounds), and letter shapes simultaneously by activating both the right and left sides of the brain! Scripted daily supplemental lessons rapidly produce automaticity by neurologically integrating the visual, auditory and motor skills fundamental to beginning literacy. Original pictures and alliterations transform abstract, non-phonetic symbols into meaningful, phonetic letters. Aligned to the K-3 Common Core Standards, Sunform has been reported in published research studies to produce dramatic literacy gains in pre-K, K-2 and remedial settings. Sunform is also impactful for ESL/bilingual and special education learners!